Security: jailbreaking, crypto and secure coding.

November 6, 2017    SUN security News

Wow, things are going fast! I just scheduled the third meetup already! After ‘Swift 4’ and ‘Performance’ now it’s time for ‘Security’. And boy have we got a great lineup for you!

My primary goal of hacking was the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.Kevin Mitnick

The topic of security always has a special spot in my heart. It’s embedded in almost everything I do. I have a certain hacker mindset when it comes to apps and technology. I like to play with, test, break and improve security. But I’m by no means a cryptographer or security specialist. But how, as a developer can you create an awereness around security and implement certain aspects of making things more secure in your daily coding practice?

That’s why I chose ‘Security’ as a topic. An evening filled with diverse talks on what secure is and how you can improve your code and mindset.

If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy.Phil Zimmermann

Jeroen Willemse - To pin or not to pin

Should you pin? And if so: on what? On the certificate? On the public key? Should you follow http public Key pinning? And to which certificate: leaf, intermediate or root? And how can you easily do this with Android and iOS? In this talk we will briefly go to the highlights on pinning on mobile and if you do it, how you can best apply it.

Pim Stolk (ING) - Jailbreak & Crypto and why you should care.

A quick deepdive into iOS jailbraking and crypto. Pim will guide us through the simple steps of jailbreaking a device and shows us why you should care as a developer, where are all your secrets located and how you should protect them. Also if time permits he will perform a live demo of jailbreaking an device.

Alick Dykan (WARP) - Secure Coding guidlines

Alick will talk us through the Secure Coding document by Apple. It will include the following topics : buffer overflow/underflows, invalidated inputs, social engineering. He will describe techniques to use and factors to consider to make your code more secure from different types of attack.

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