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Welcome to the Swift Usergroup Netherlands.

We ❤️ all things Swift, Cocoa and other nerdy stuff.
We organise meetups with an emphasis on the Dutch Swift community.
We exchange ideas, share knowledge and solve problems together.
Talks are 15/20 minutes and can be anything Swift/programming related.

Want to talk?

Created a framework/library/class you want to show? Maybe you want to talk on design patterns? Protocol oriented programming? Functional? Beat your burnout? Share! Softskills we all need to learn? How to keep your focus? Anything goes - as long as it is something to with programming, Swift or our industry.

Do you think that only the seasoned developers have something to say? First time presenting? No matter what your skill level is, we want you to come and share your story.
We are always on the lookout for speakers. From the community - for the community

Here is what you should prepare:

  • ~15/20 minutes of presentation + 5 min. Q & A
  • We have a tech-savvy audience
  • You can present your company, but please keep it under 5 minutes.
  • Send us the title about 2 weeks in advance.
  • If cannot make it, please tell us as soon as possible, so we can see if we find another speaker.
  • We would like to record your presentation for our Vimeo Channel.
  • Please respect our code of conduct.

Contact us at @iheartswiftlang.


Disney Streaming Services are proudly sponsoring this event. They have an actual movie-theather where we host the talks and have room for about 30 people They are located on the Meeuwenlaan 98-100 in Amsterdam Noord.