The Format.

We meetup on a Tuesday, usually from 19.00 to 21.00.
We have 2 to 3 talks from 15/20 minutes each. After that about 5 minutes Q & A.
After the meetup there is plenty of time to ask questions to the speakers
We always record the talks.

Want to talk but not sure about what? Here is some inspiration:

  • Swift - or anything iOS, macOS or Cocoa
  • Your development setup/workflow
  • Tools you cannot work/live without
  • The softer side of programming. Think burnout, professionalism, working with people, etc.

Here is what you should prepare:

  • ~15/20 minutes of presentation + 5 min. Q & A
  • We have a tech-savvy audience
  • You can present your company, but please keep it under 5 minutes.
  • Send us the title about 2 weeks in advance.
  • If cannot make it, please tell us as soon as possible, so we can see if we find another speaker.
  • We would like to record your presentation for our Vimeo Channel.
  • Please respect our code of conduct.