We planned the first meetup!

August 15, 2017    SUN Swift 4 News

This first edition of the Swift Usergroup Netherlands is planned and filled to the brim with great content! We would like to welcome you on the 29th of august 2017.

The theme for this evening is Swift 4 and we have some great speakers that will kickstart your Swift 4 learning.

We have the following lineup for you:

Donny Wals - JSON and Swift, Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

This talk will take you on a journey from Swift 1.0 and the pyramid of doom all the way through SwiftyJSON and the encoding protocols in Swift 4.0. You’ll see why SwiftyJSON might still be the best option you shouldn’t use and why Swift 4.0 still doesn’t have the perfect solution. This talk is all based on personal experiences and will be driven by several real world examples. By the end you should be fully up to speed in the JSON department and you’ll know how to determine the best JSON handling strategy for your own apps.

Erwin Zwart - Future Profing Swift

When change of code is a given, how can you write your code in such a way that has buildin flexability without doing massive refactors? Erwin talks about planning for change, drawing an outline for the future without being to specific now.

Sidney de Koning - Swift 4 Strings

One of the most fragmented but yet powerfull API’s in Cocoa got (partly) re-written for Swift 4 - and with more to come. Sidney talks about what changed, what do you need to know and how can you use it too.


18.00 - Doors open

19.00 - First talk + Q&A

19.30 - Second talk + Q&A

20.00 - Third talk + Q&A

20.30 - Drinks and discussion

Hope to see you on the 29th of august!

PS. If you would like to present a talk, please contact us!