Want to be a speaker?

May 25, 2018    meetup video

This could be your talk...

Do you want to see your own talk here? Come speak at a meetup! It’s fun and a little bit scary, but don’t worry - we don’t judge and look forward to your talk. Created a framework/library/class you want to show? Maybe you want to talk on design patterns? Protocol oriented programming? Functional? Beat your burnout? Share! Softskills we all need to learn? How to keep your focus? Anything goes - as long as it is something to with programming, Swift or our industry.

Do you think that only the seasoned developers have something to say? First time presenting? No matter what your skill level is, we want you to come and share your story.

Here is some more inspiration:

  • Swift - or anything iOS, macOS or Cocoa
  • Your development setup/workflow
  • Tools you cannot work/live without
  • The softer side of programming. Think burnout, professionalism, working with people, etc.

Or look at our upvoting page.

See you at our next meetup!


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